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Diamond Definitions

Brilliant Cut - A beautifully cut round diamond that has 58 facets.

Carbon - The element that diamonds are made from.

Cutlet - The bottom facet of the diamond, this is usually very small.

Dispersion - This is the ability to create spectral colors as light exits the diamond.

Eye-clean - Refers to a diamond that to the naked naked eye has no visible inclusions or blemishes.

Facet - A polished surface on the diamond. A round, hill-cut diamond usually has 58 facets, 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion. On a quality proportioned stone, facets will be uniform and Symmetrical. This allows the diamond the ability to refract and reflect light.

Flawless - Diamond without external or internal blemishes or inclusions seen.

Fluorescence - This is a diamond that glows blue under ultraviolet light.

Inclusions - Natural imperfections in a diamond that forms during the crystallization process.

Laser-Drilled - A diamond that is treated with a laser to remove any carbon spots.

Loupe - A magnifying glass that is used to view gemstones.

Pavilion - The bottom part of the diamond below the girdle.

Refraction - Refraction refers to the bending and slowing of light as it passes at an oblique angle from the medium of one optical density into a medium of greater optical density . Semi-Mount A setting which is complete except for the main stone.

Shape - Not to be confused with cut, shape means the geometric for of the stone. Popular Shapes include the round brilliant, marquise, emerald cut, pear, and oval.

Sparkle - Flashing effect produced when a diamond is moved in the light.

Symmetry - The quality of light reflection and return.

Table - The top of the diamond, largest and most important part of the diamond.

The 4 C's of Diamonds  ~ Diamond History


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