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The term “Estate Jewelry” by definition simply refers to any previously owned piece of jewelry. Estate Jewelry is not necessarily old. For jewelry to be considered antique it must be at least 100 years old. You may find Vintage Jewelry in an estate collection, the term Vintage often refers to older pieces made after the Retro Modern period of the 1940’s through the 1980’s, but also includes certain antique pieces. Vintage jewelry reflects the most attractive or distinct designs of a period and may be made of plastics, base metals, gold plating, imitation pearls, and glass gems. 

The “Estate Jewelry” collection at Wisnosky Jewelers will vary from week to week sometimes even day to day. While we are not antique dealers, you will find a variety of previously owned nicer pieces. Carefully selected items are placed in our estate case – these may include jewelry from earlier this decade, vintage pieces and antique jewelry. You are welcome to browse our selection and ask any questions you wish. 

With three jewelers and goldsmiths on staff, Wisnosky Jewelers are trusted jewelry appraisers in Northeast PA. If you have an older piece, maybe something left to you by a parent or grandparent, and would like an appraisal, please bring it to our store in Tunkhannock. Wisnosky Jewelers will provide you with a written appraisal for your personal records and for your insurance coverage needs. 

Caring for estate jewelry: 

Fine jewelry will last generations with gentle care and periodic maintenance. 
• Keep each piece of jewelry in its own box or compartment. 
• It is helpful to store each piece in its own soft pouch to protect it from elements such as dust.
• Put your jewelry on last when you're getting ready to go out. Take it off first when you return. 
• Do not wear your jewelry when using household cleaners. 
• Remove your jewelry when doing physical activities.
• Never place vintage or antique jewelry under running water. 
• Have a professional jeweler check the settings for loose stones from time to time. 
• Have a professional jeweler clean the jewelry when needed.

Estate Jewelry Notes of Interest:

• Diamonds in antique estate jewelry often have the traditional old-mine cut or rose cut. The settings for these cuts show less of the diamond than settings for modern cuts.
• Older jewelry is often found in 12-, 22- or 23-karat gold. Newly manufactured jewelry must be a minimum of 10-karat gold to be sold as gold jewelry in the United States, older estate pieces may be crafted of 9-karat gold. Contemporary jewelry is usually made of 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold.
• Having authentication papers, an original box, price tag, or designer’s logoed jewelry pouch can double the value of a piece.
• Vintage Designer Costume Jewelry has a distinctive unique look that doesn’t appear to be mass produced.

Brand names to look for in Vintage Jewelry include:

Sarah Coventry

What to watch for when buying Estate Jewelry:

• Missing Stones
• Dents
• Obvious repair work such as soldering
• Corrosion
• Verdigris 
• Discoloration
• Deep Scratches
• Bumps
• Holes
• Cracks in the surface of gold and silver pieces
The condition of a vintage or antique jewelry item will affect the piece’s overall price.

You may consider recycling your old jewelry. You can use the gems, gold, silver, diamonds and other parts to make a brand-new piece or pieces. A ring can be easily turned into a pendant. You can use gems from ornate earrings for a bracelet. You can reset any stones or place a new stone into an older setting. With Wisnosky Jewelers, you will find dozens ideas for turning an older piece into a brand new custom designed keepsake. 


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